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Expert Consulting Services in the matter of CSX Transportation v. Admiral, Ins. Co.


In 1995, SBRT was retained to provide expert testimony in connection with CSX Transportation v. Admiral, Ins. Co. This case is currently ongoing and involves six sites: Abex Corporation Superfund Site-Portsmouth, Virginia; Berks Disposal Site-Union Township, Pennsylvania; Cabot Carbon/Koppers Site-Gainesville, Florida; Koppers Site-Florence, South Carolina; CSX Railyard, Peru, Indiana; and Wyoming Yard-Wyoming Michigan. The Abex site is a brass and bronze foundry, the Berks site is an oil refinery, the Cabot Carbon/Koppers site and the Koppers site are wood preserving plants, and the CSX Railyard and Wyoming Yard are railroad maintenance and refueling stations.

SBR Technologies Solution

The scope of SBRT’s expert testimony for all sites included: (1) the chemical characteristics of contaminants in both water and soil, the manufacturing processes that generated the waste streams, and the chemical processes that produced the contaminants; (2) the chemical processes by which contaminants sorbed to soil and sediments and the pathways the contaminants followed in the environment; (3) the nature, history, and evolution of waste disposal practices employed; (4) the extent to which contaminants were released to the land and water using the waste disposal techniques practiced; and (5) the historical state of knowledge and regulations concerning pertinent waste handling, and waste disposal techniques and practices used.

Benefits Achieved

SBRT’s involvement led to a favorable verdict for our client.