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Treatment of obnoxious chemical wastes

United Stated Patent 4,511,657
Colaruotolo, et al. April 16, 1985

This invention relates to the treatment of obnoxious waste effluents, both industrial and municipal, such as chemical waste landfill leachates, chemical process wastewaters and other obnoxious waste effluents by the use of microbial cultures, especially adapted to biodegrade the obnoxious chemicals in the chemical wastes, such as activated sludge and inoculants for activated sludge, and the new inoculated activated sludges and their use in biological wastewater systems such as continuous and batch reactors.

Inventors Colaruotolo; Joseph F. (Grand Island, NY), Irvine; Robert L. (Mishawaka, IN), Ketchum, Jr.; Lloyd H. (South Bend, IN), Ying; Wei-chi (Grand Island, NY)
Assignee Occidental Chemical Corporation (Niagara Falls, NY)
The portion of the term of this patent subsequent to October 16, 2001 has been disclaimed.
Appl. No. 06/381,866
Filed May 25, 1982