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Granular activated carbon-sequencing batch biofilm reactor (GAC-SBBR)

United Stated Patent 5,126,050
Irvine, et al. June 30, 1992

A periodic multistage process which minimizes fugitive pollutant emissions has been developed for the removal and destruction of volatile, semi-volatile, and non-volatile organic contaminants from either water, wastewater, or spent granular activated carbon. This invention relates to methods, materials, and systems for treating these contaminants by a process and devices which uniquely combine granular activated carbon adsorption and desorption with biological treatment. The process and devices extend existing treatment systems by: (1) providing biofilm growth in a Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor on gas permeable membrane which uses oxygen for the supply of the electron acceptor and other organics (e.g., methane), as needed, for the supply of alternative electron donors, (2) limiting the flow of gases to that which is needed to meet the demand of the microorganisms only and, thus, minimize the escape of volatile organic contaminants in the carrier gases, (3) bioregenerating granular activated carbon while minimizing the attachment of biomass to the granular activated carbon, and (4) periodically operating the Granular Activated Carbon-Sequencing Batch Biofilm Reactor system to remove and destroy the organic contaminants present in either water, wastewater, or spent granular activated carbon. The system also optimizes the use of nutrient additives and minimizes the production of unwanted waste byproducts while ensuring that all treated waters, regardless of their original level of contamination, meet the highly stringent clean-up levels established by governing regulatory agencies, and producing granular activated carbon that is regenerated.

Inventors Irvine; Robert L. (Granger, IN), Ketchum, Jr.; Lloyd H. (South Bend, IN), Wilderer; Peter A. (Hamburg, DE), Montemagno; Carlo D. (Minooka, IL)
Assignee SBR Technologies, Inc. (Granger, IN)
Appl. No. 07/526,068
Filed May 10, 1990