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About Us

Company Background

Based on the proven success of the SBR over the years as a biological method to treat wastewater, we at SBRT have developed several other innovative treatment technologies for a wide variety of hazardous, industrial and municipal wastes. These include soil contaminated with explosives (TNT, HMX, RDX), and groundwater contaminated with BTEX, TCE and other volatile organic compounds. Our capabilities range from the treatment of wastewater utilizing aerobic and anaerobic biological treatment methods, to conducting studies on the biological degradation of integrated biological treatment systems for TNT and RDX contaminated soils at U.S. Army facilities and the evaluation of treatment alternatives for hazardous wastes.

Our Services

SBR Technologies offers three main engineering services focusing on our core strengths where we provide the best results for our clients:

  • Biological Wastewater Treatment Services – Focusing on industrial wastewater treatment system design, operation, and retrofit, this group specializes in solving complex wastewater issues.
  • Innovative Process Design Services - This group specializes in developing innovative processes for difficult-to-treat compounds. The combination of SBR Technologies’ significant research background with each employee’s ability to develop unique disposal processes for difficult-to-treat compounds continually results in innovative solutions for our clients.
  • Expert Testimony – A strength of each of our employees is their unique ability to translate the most complex technical information into layman’s terms. From giving expert testimony to providing research and evidence for cases, SBR Technologies has proved to be an invaluable resource for each case we have worked on.


Developing high-quality and robust solutions that quickly show long-term results is how SBR Technologies has become a global leader in the biological treatment of industrial wastewaters. Leveraging its deep technical resources and highly educated and experienced employees, SBR Technologies creates solutions that respond to the exact needs of each client – on time and on budget.

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